Monday, January 7, 2008

The Best Things About 2007

While despite thoughts that 2007 would be the worst year of my life (and hey, it sure started out that way), I actually had a pretty fabulous year. Here's why:

. I graduated the Improv Asylum training center in 2006, then got into performing in March of 2007. I worked with multiple groups on the Asylum's House Teams (Building 19, DIHOP - Dave's International House of Pattycakes, The A-Wipes, Falcor the Destroyer, Back Alley Grocers) and I met some great people, and really improved as an improviser. Thanks to the house teams, and performing, I was confident enough to audition for Seriously Bent (pictured above). Luckily, I made it. Though, maybe not based entirely on skill. I'm sure it helped that I was friends/worked with a large majority of the group. But due to improv, I've met probably the best people in my life. Through the house teams, I met some great friends that I get to form some kind of show with this year. And through Seriously Bent, I got a free and AMAZING trip to Chicago. I've had some crazy times, including a lot of drinks, kissing, tears and dry humping.

I grew up in 2007, and I turned 21 years old. I switched to Verizon and got a cute green phone (Mint Chocolate) and I named it Finn. I got a hot green Coach bag. I picked up casual smoking to support Julia's smoking habit. I got my ipod and wallet stolen. I went to New York twice, Washington D.C., and Chicago. I got my heart broken. I moved back to Everett from Boston. I got a new job and a pay raise, then ultimately quit that job, gained another one after the fact, and got a bigger pay increase. RELUCTANTLY said goodbye to a lot of people, one in particular! I made mistakes.

This year I've decided to pick up blogging. Because I read other people's blogs like it's my job. And I get so jealous that they have one and I don't. Why can't I have one? Sometimes I'm smart, witty, and funny. And my life is filled with insane characters, like a sitcom. Patty: the sitcom. And hey, there's a writer's strike. So tune in?

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