Wednesday, January 30, 2008


That is an iron mug. It says "Iron Inmate" on it. Last year I was the Iron Inmate. I was the greatest employee! Yay! Evan won it this year. But lies, I tell you. Lies! He can't even show up for meetings! (Oh shut up, I love him.)

Anyway, you know what's in that mug? Pinot Grigio. Do you know how much Pinot Grigio was in that mug the night this picture was taken? Somewhere around a bottle and a half. That was consumed in about an hour and a half. That was my lowest point. I'm going to get that date tattoo'd on my body as a reminder to never let myself get to that point again. Drinking... at work... openly, obnoxiously drunk...

In those cases, eventually the "happy drunk" fades away and you end up alone in a dark theater balling your eyes out because all your friends had left you, and your "best friend" wasn't in your life anymore at all. Then you wake up the next day, not remembering how you got home. Waking up to a rose on your floor, not remembering where it came from. So you slowly put the pieces back together and become filled with nausea and regret. And you're just an empty mess.

That was almost a year ago. I'm much happier. I'm a happy mess! I'm a hot mess! I'm a full mess!

But I'm still walking into February on my tip toes. . .

Here's to a happier, less sloppy February. Iron Inmate or not.

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