Saturday, January 26, 2008

An installment of Chat with Betsy.

I'm doing an assignment for my Event Planning class, and I have to create an opening night event for a new Space exhibit on international space programs from the 50's to now. So I emailed my sister and asked her,

"If you were going to have a special celebratory party for the opening of a space program exhibit at the museum of science.... who would you put on the guest list? Who would you invite to that sort of thing??"

Her reply:

Is this a real thing you have to do? Or is it like a party game like who in history would you have dinner with?

If its the former than you should try to get a list of people who have been invited to previous similar events. You would obviously invite anyone on the board. Anyone who is a major contributor to the museum. Local rich people, I guess. I really don't know?

If its the latter, Winston Churchill, Hitler, Stalin (I am just curious what they would all say to each other), Heath Ledger (I know I know everyone is going to be inviting him to their imaginary parties now but there is a reason for that, you know?), Galileo (he will be so happy to have been proven right), Leonard DaVinci ("those flying machines are nothing like my drawings, can't you follow simple instructions", oh Leo, such a egomaniac) and Ace of Base.

I was going to list my group of people... but I can't top that. You've outwitted me for the last time, Barrett.

p.s. The picture above is called "The Dinner Party" by Judy Chicago, and all the place settings are depictions of the vaginas of historical and mythical woman. According to Wikipedia, "The Dinner Party elevates female achievement in Western history to a heroic scale traditionally reserved for men." I thought it fit.

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