Friday, January 18, 2008

Meet Gus.

Some of you may know her as Jules, or Julia. But forget about it. This is GUS. (Although, Gus is like the more hardcore version of Jules, so I wouldn't really say this adorable picture depicts Gus, but oh well, meet Gus.)

Gus is a lot of things to me. First and foremost, she's one of my best friends. She's my co-worker. She's my employee (I'm her boss! Even though she's been there longer than me... we know girl.) We're on Seriously Bent together. She's my BAD shoulder angel. She's my wedding date. And she's the one responsible for everything I've done wrong for the past year or so of my life, but I love her for it.

Julia has a way with me. She can get me to do anything. Show my boobs? Sure. Make out with everyone on our improv group? Okay. Smoke a cigarette? I'm there. Have another drink, even though I have to get up early and/or I'm driving? Let's go! It's always a good time with her.

(Us... having a good time.)

Gus drinks Bud Heavy (Eric: What's Bud Heavy? I've heard it so much, but I don't know what it is. Mitch: It's regular Bud. Budweiser. It's a Central Mass thing. No, it's a Julia thing.) ... and the only wine she drinks is Arbor Mist Berry Merlot. She wears plaid shirts (sometimes DOUBLE plaid shirts) jeans and clunky brown shoes. But loves to let her boobs show, and oozes sexuality. She's basically a sexy mountain woman.

I realize people who read this blog will generally know who Julia is... all five of you. But - I feel like she deserves a post all to herself, because she's Gus now. I'm introducing Gus.

Gus considers this blog to be "an account of love, hate, obstacles, pain and above all, friendship...i'll be the witty, charismatic friend that fucks everyone...k?"

So there's witty, charismatic, whoretastic Gus.

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