Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My neck, my back...

That picture was my response to Evan's text, "How you doin' kiddo?"

I sprained my neck. I woke up yesterday morning, stretched, and then something snapped inside of my neck that caused me to fall over in pain. Nothing a neck brace, pain medication, and a heating pad can't fix.

I had to work last night... though I'm sure Julia could have managed without me. But I wanted to see people. Be around people, and see Evan and Keith (and Stephen and co.) graduate the training center. It brought back wonderful nostalgia about my grad show... the excitement, the smiling faces, and the feeling of nausea. Ah, grad shows. Oh, right, and the hardcore partying that followed. Good times.

As usual, we hung out at Goody Glover's post shift. I had some drinks, learned that "finger blastin" is the new cool word for "finger bangin", and then borrowed a sharpie from the bartender and had people sign my neck brace.

Here is Jules, Evan, and Mike modeling it.

Here's some of the lovely words:

Mike: Green lantern symbol.
Jules: The word "C U N T" within the Green Lantern symbol - making it look like a weird religious symbol.
Matt: You're great!
Boz: Sorry I punched you so hard.
Evan: Picture of a man.
Nick W: Congrats!

Oh, and p.s. Don't take medication, and then drink a few. Not a good combo.

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