Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rothko vs. The World (Jules)

This is a painting (Black on Gray) by Mark Rothko, an abstract expressionist.

A lot of people think Rothko's art is just paint on a canvas. Anybody could do it. I read up on him and read that he saw art "as a tool of emotional and religious expression." He used colors to invoke some sort of feeling and emotional experience or thought within.

I can understand that. This painting is how I'm feeling right now. Cause when I look at it, I see just a whole lot of darkness. A whole lot of nothing. A void. I feel like nothing, which is what I see in the painting. Just black and gray. But hey, he must have felt that way, too. So I'm not alone in the world. There are people dying in Iraq!

Julia (Gus) is one of those people who you cannot take to a Contemporary Art wing in a museum! Believe me, I've tried. In fact, I believe her exact words were, "There should be a holocaust of contemporary art." We went to the Art Institute of Chicago, and she saw a Rothko, and she thought it was trash. Understandable. It had nothing to do with fantasy or apothecaries or historical periods or armor!

"This world of imagination is fancy-free and violently opposed to common sense."

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Anonymous said...

i LOVED what you wrote about rothkos work. exackly the same as what i felt... as if the darkness was looming over me, sucking out my soul like a dementor of harry potter ^_^



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