Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stop judging me!

I went to Border's today and I bought a book. It's called "Seeing Me Naked".

I bought this book because I read a blog called The 5-Spot and it's written by a bunch of chick lit authors. There's this one writer who does recaps of Project Runway every week, and I love them. I don't get to catch the show on Wednesdays usually cause I'm either out, performing, or working - so I read blogs the next day. I read Nick Verreos' too (from Season 2) and I like hers almost as much. So I decided to buy her book.

I immediately thought, "I should buy this online." But I had a coupon, and I was getting my hair done and wanted something to read, so whatever. Sometimes I like cheesy and stupid. In fact I read a book called "Frenemies" over the summer that Evan still makes fun of.

So I went up to the register and I waited in line. There was a woman and a man ringing. I hoped I got the woman, because I felt like she would get it. She likes romantic comedies and reading cheesy books every now and then (I don't know her, I could just see it in her eyes.) But the guy, well, he was your typical bookstore worker. And I'm not entirely sure what's "typical" for a bookstore employee - but for some reason he embodied it. (No offense, Chringy.) So, of course, I got the guy. So I go to purchase the book, and I feel awkward. I could sense his judgment, and due to the title, I could feel him unbuttoning my sweater with his eyes. Well, maybe more judgment and less unbuttoning. I tried to make awkward conversation... but he was boring. He said things like, "Do you have your Border's Rewards card?" and then he told me the price, in a judgmental way. I told him to have a nice day anyway. Even though he was a judgmental jerk!

I want to know what Nick Wilson would think of this book. I see him laughing at me. And then making some obscure reference I know nothing about. But buddy, I got one word for you... bas relief. That was two words.

Oh, and I also got bangs today. I'm scared of them because they're so stylish and new. But I've got positive reviews, Ebert and Roeper think they're going to be a hit. Chringy said they looked "vamp-y" which I took as "Vampire" but Jeremy told me it meant "Seductress" which is better than saying I look like a vampire, I guess.

On a final note, jalapeƱo peppers are spicy!


Chris said...

(No offense, Chringy.)

The only thing that offended me in that post was the fact that you put an apostrophe in "Borders." GAH!

Patty Barrett said...

I went to Border's. Border is the name of a friend of mine....


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