Saturday, January 12, 2008

Worky Turkey

This is the last weekend of my vacation! Guess where I'm spending it? Working! Every single day!

Today I did a somewhat double. I woke up at like 10... and then decided I didn't want to hurry and exercise, shower, and head into town. So I took my sweet ass time. Fridays are a weird day. I have my weekly Personnel Director meeting with Evan at 12:30. It always feels so weird. We get work done but we just goof around and annoy Liza with dance and song. Anyway, I showed up at like 2:30 and actually got work done! (Amid following people around with a stack of post-its so I could quote them, and dance to TLC with Liza.)

(As Jeremy tried to do a box office order)
Evan: Is that his last name? I don't think so. . .
Jeremy: You're kind of a little twat.

Evan did a double today too, because he covered the box office for Jules. We're a manager powerhouse!

When we weren't struggling to get shows started and make sure people were seated correctly and well accommodated...

We took pictures. In stolen hats. Who wouldn't want us as their boss??

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