Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bourbon Chicken w/ a side of Improv

Had an improv show last night with Seriously Bent. It took place at the Copley Marriott, which if you're not familiar to Boston, is a nice hotel. I could tell that it was nice because they gave us bottles of Pepsi products (yuck) in GLASS bottles. That means class. Oh, also, our "green room" was a quarter section of a ball room.

The funniest parts of the night? Us going to eat in the Food Court at the Prudential, and forgetting to tell Nick Mandella, who was snorting nasal spray in a bathroom. Then, when he finally meets up with us and sits down with his plate of bourbon chicken, mac and cheese, potato wedges, and fruit punch... we get a call saying we're going on earlier than expected. Like, in 10 minutes. So we run through the mall back to the hotel - and Nick continues to hold on to his plate of food. Oh, and maybe another funny part is the acrobatic Panc-watch team Kelly, Jules and I established for Trevor - who just got out of the hospital with his second round of Pancreatitis.

Funniest parts of the show? Ummm..... hm..... well there was that one.. oh, no... but that one scene that had... no, not that either.

Note to all conference planners - improv is not a good idea when booking for a social conference where people will be roaming around, eating, talking, etc. Oh, and having three mic's in front of the stage and two speakers for a large crowd... really? It's easier to blame the setting and atmosphere for a bad performance than the actual performance itself. (But seriously! It's true!)

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becky said...

was it for the NADE conference?


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