Friday, February 22, 2008

The Magic

That's Chringy drinking from a Gryffindor cup. He bought it for Liza for Valentine's Day. In fact, he bought her a whole assortment of Harry Potter goodies for Valentine's Day! That's a real man. Supporting a Harry Potter addiction. Chringy's real name his Chris. Chris is Liza's husband.

Sometimes I'm featured in Chringy's blog, and it's usually blurry pictures of me kicking in the air, or me making a weird face. I thought today I'd show Chringy in my blog. His last name is Ingalls. Chris Ingalls = CHRINGY. I like to shorten things. Like short pencils.
I have the night off. And Suffolk closed at 1, so I was out of my internship early. The thing with that, is I'm scheduled two days a week (Wednesday and Friday). I like doing it a lot though, so I generally work on it in bits and pieces everyday. Most of it is work from home stuff, like researching or writing, I generally go in to show where I'm at and interview people. Luckily, since it's snowing, I get to relax. And I don't have to work tonight. I kind of smell like a wet dog because I was walking outside. Oh well.

Don't worry about it Massachusetts, it'll be 70 degrees like next week and all this will be gone. So, stop stocking up on bread and milk!

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Unknown said...

You like me! and I'm short!!

I'm rereading them again. I'm just saying.


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