Monday, February 18, 2008

The Quote Board

So, a few years ago (close to two to be exact) I created The Quote Board - which is a ton of documented conversations and quotes on my Myspace blog.

In a word document, it's 71 pages long. I would get it published... if a large population knew the people involved. Maybe I should make a DVD of all the people... so it will be like flash cards. Then when the quotes are read - they'll at least know the people. But sarcasm and voices and delivery is what makes it so popular.

OKAY SO ANYWAY. I went to update it today, cause it's been TWO weeks, and I felt as though I had a few good gems. But then I got that error message! And the whole thing was gone and it was a bunch of numbers and percent signs!! Luckily, I just exited out quickly, and the info was still there. So I re-saved it to Word. But, I still can't update it, so now my co-workers will never know the horrible things Jeremy said about rape victims.

What if I can never update it again?? Will this be the end? Oh well, I'll get a whistle and move on.

1 comment:

Erin said...

is it really all gone?? so sad..


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