Sunday, February 17, 2008


First Monopoly, now Scrabulous.

I was at Improv last night until about 5:30 am watching Jeremy, Evan and Andrew play Scrabulous on Facebook. Around 2 or so, they each whipped out their MacBooks and began a game of 3 person Scrabulous. I didn't have a MacBook, nor did I feel like playing on any of the Asylum computers - so I decided to sit and watch them. I was mainly on quote watch.

Then they each decided to play alternating songs. Then Jeremy said, "You know what would be fun? If we each went and played our #1 most played songs." You know what, that's not really fun for Patty. Patty doesn't know ANY of the music they played! So when someone said, "This next song's embarrassing." I didn't know why. Except Five for Fighting's "100 Years", that was funny to me... cause it was Jeremy. It was basically an indie music show down. I'm glad I didn't have my computer... THAT would be embarrassing (Miley Cyrus would NOT fit in.)

Here were the top songs:

#1 Evan - "Last Flowers" - Radiohead - 18 times (he says his iTunes is lying)
#1 Jeremy - "Martin Eden" - The Twilight Singers (126 times)
#1 Andrew - "Hang Me Up To Dry" - Cold War Kids

For fun. . . my #1 is One Minute Man by Missy Elliot. But it was an accident! I swear! I left it playing on repeat when I was at work!! (The next/accurate one is "The Seed" by The Roots f/ Cody ChesnuTT at 69 times. The rest is 99% embarrassing.)

Evan won by 1 point. Andrew resigned, and Jeremy and Evan both had one letter left and it was a C - that wouldn't work anywhere. So, Evan won.

I spent a majority of the time laughing at them, taking pictures, sleeping on the counter, peering over Evan's shoulders, and telling stories nobody listened to.

Oh, and some quote highlights:

Andrew: Alison will go out there and people will call me by name, and she just calls me the camera man!
Jeremy: I've coned a new word tonight, when you're tired of irony, it's tirony. Like, "Y'know, I'm tirony, can we just have a real conversation?"
Evan: *sounding defeated* You guys are my best friends.


McWhadden said...

My number 1 is Calender Girl by Stars. I would not have guessed that.

Chris said...

Evan has a SubPop sticker on his laptop! Hipster alert!!


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