Monday, February 25, 2008

Super Heroes.

So one of my BIGGEST fears is mice. I hate them. Hate hate hate. I don't care if they're cute, I can't take them. I cry, and cringe, and cry some more. I could barely watch Ratatouille! Like, I had to shut my eyes on a lot of parts... for serious. I don't like them running around alive, but I also don't like them dead. Can't there be a happy medium? Unfortunately, I WORK IN A BASEMENT. So, the other night, one was dying in the kitchen.

Andrew (the one with the cardboard mask) doesn't like sticky traps. He doesn't like mice to have to suffer to their death. I don't like hearing them suffer to their death. So, he says that oil helps loosen the glue. We had no oil, so he got hot water with soap. He took the dying mouse and the soapy water outside in the back alley and tried to get the mouse off. But, the mouse ended up being so shocked and confused (and was apparently blowing soap bubbles). He lost a paw, and a lot of fur, and died on the ground.

Terrible story. I know. I felt really sad, I almost cried. I named it Henry, then we decided not to name something that's dead. But Andrew built an igloo for it out of snow in the back as a grave. He really, really went out of his way for that mouse.

He's adorable.

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Anonymous said...

My roommates and I tried to save a mouse on a glue trap and it ended up drowning in the oil :(


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