Friday, March 7, 2008

The Bean Pot

This post is overdue, but last week Seriously Bent competed in the Boston Comedy Bean Pot, an improv competition.

We first competed on Thursday night, where we performed against two other teams for points. Every scene we did was scored, and we could get up to 15 points (5 points for each judge.) Funnily enough, Harry Gordon was a judge. I like him. He didn't show us any favoritism - because I'm not even sure he likes us that much. But oh well, HARRY!

We did some good and bad scenes... that's how improv works. There were some great moments, where Eric did an amazing playbook scene (where the only lines he could say came from a playbook) and Julia ended with a button of "I'm going to go masturbate." And then, the scene where Trevor and I were best friends (girls) and decided to kill Trevor's husband, and then we kissed in the end... so innocently and non-sexual. Sometimes improv can be so great and rewarding. We won that night by 10 points. (I think?)

Then Saturday rolled around, we played against one team in the semi-finals and we won by ONE point. Do you know how hard it is to do a scene when you KNOW that you have to perform great or you won't win? The very last scene that determined your fate in the competition... god, I was shaking. I had to take that nervous energy and put it into my character, I thought I was going to have a seizure.

But whatever, the point of this is that we got into the finals and then lost by one point. The good part? We got a perfect score on our long form. The only perfect score in the competition. And guess what? We're a long form troupe. That's our thing. And also? We looked fucking hot. But that's Jeremy Brothers for you... he only accepted good looking people on to the troupe. Oh, and talented. But mainly pretty.

Despite losing, I thought it was a great experience. Sure I tripped on a step and got covered in dust, and that was the other teams' first impression of me. Sure, we had some bad scenes and smoked tons of cigarettes out of nervousness (for some) and lifestyle choice (for most). But, I think it unified us as a group. This will sound stupid, but it made me feel like I was part of a team... we have a strong bond and so much support. And improv is one of the most satisfying, and terrifying, things ever, but I feel really safe with every one of them.

And I'll be done with them in 2 months. Sigh.


christina said...

you did look hot. i concur.

it was literally one of my first thoughts when i saw you all standing there.

Patty Barrett said...

Thanks! I can't figure out who you are... but I appreciate it nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

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