Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dinner at Pop's house

Last night Nick Mandella threw an adorable little dinner party. It was an intimate group where we laughed a lot, clapped a lot, made fun of each other and other things, and enjoyed each other's company. The group consisted of Nick W., Nick M., Christina, Rewan, Talia and I. We ate bread and mozzarella and balsamic and pasta and green beans with garlic and we drank wine. It was sort of like The Last Supper. Y'know, the last supper, not just any last supper. The last supper.

Here are some highlights:

Nick Wilson: I wanna go play Warcraft and jerk off with him. [Who that is about needs no explanation.]

Nick Wilson to Talia: Let me see your locket, are there ashes from 1943 in there?

Talia after the 5th Jewish joke: Wow... I'm just gonna go to Auschwitz and call it a day!

Nick Wilson to Christina: Did you see what I brought for you? I got that Toblerone for you! It's half eaten, though.

Rewan on Nick Mandella: He's gay, he's not useless!

Nick Mandella about a cigar: Nick, no! I have to put it in my mouth first!

Christina to me, after burping: I'm a peach! You should spend more time with me!

(Nick's front door calls so he can buzz Rewan in, he takes the phone from me.)
Me: No! But I .... URGH!... No... I thought I .... I WANNA DO IT.... URGGGGHHHHH. (I really wanted to press the button!)

In the end, I basically had a good time. They're all basically good people. I love the Dead Comedian's Society.

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