Friday, March 21, 2008

Emails from Abroad. . .

So Julia has been down in the Caymen Islands this past week visiting her sister. She's been emailing me to check in, and give me little updates and stuff. But last night's email was by far the best email ever, and one of the best stories Julia's ever told:

so i was at the full moon party here on the was packed...i was kinda moody cause i wanted to get my groove on but julia came out to play...not gussy...and i didn't know anyone so i was totes out of my comfort zone..i was also being pushed like hell so i was getting pissed. i am on the beach at a bar drinkin' and i go get another. The place is raging! so i'm waiting in line and a guy asks me what i'm getting i go " a vodka and redbull and a corona" (corona was on sale that night so don't worry...i would've gotten a bud) so he orders and we get to talkin' and he introduces himself as dave i say i'm julia blah blah blah...he asks where i'm from i tell him and what i do..i ask him the same he says Manhattan i ask what he does and he says a Magician...well i of course say "you're not shittin me right?" he says "no" and then proceeds (or procedes, i dunno) to pull out a deck of cards and show me awesome for real tricks i'll explain later. All i could think of was Mike A at goody's freakin out...So i found out he was here getting his free diving license and i toldhim i just went scuba diving for the first time the dude bought me the drinks..i offered to pay he said don't worry about it i thanked him and he cont. to show me tricks...afterwards he offered to walk me to my sister and i declined thinkin' he was kinda creepy and prob a hack job of a magician who could do some cool tricks...i meander away. COME TO FIND OUT he was david blaine! and i totes had no idea and i totes walked away from him....can we pause...i had no idea until i got home and my bro-in-law said "julia...that was really david blaine"...i mean what! i almost get hit by a boat propeller yesterday and i meet david blaine today...w/o knowing it...and turn the fucker down. I mean how oblivious can i get?! well i had to tell someone while the ordeal was fresh and you're it.

Yet another missed oppurtunity...the modern-day houdini and i wouldn't even let him escort me back to where i was. Fuck me...this is why i'll never get anywhere...i'll probably end up in a sporting house (whore house) in Dubai...

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