Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finger finger bang bang

Jeremy made fun of my blog the other day. I forget what he said. But he gets it sent to his inbox. Therefore, he likes it. Which he also told me. But I don't really care either way... I mean his past opinions have only shaped the way I perform, dress, speak, wear my hair, and act in public. So, yeah. Whatever.

In other news, Monday was such a a great night. Seriously Bent had a show at the Tremont St. dorms. It was weird, and decent, and I mentioned coat hanger abortions and finger banging. . . which was, awkward. Some girls got up and left in the middle of the show, the story I created for them is that they were both pregnant, and from our show found out that coat hangers can alleviate that, so that's what they were off to do. Patty! What?

After our show we went to Goody Glover's. I brought my sister with me and introduced her to all my friends. I think it was the perfect night to do so, as they were all true to their characters and in good moods. Now she can understand when I tell stories about these people... and understand their craziness. It wasn't awkward, not even when Nick Mandella looked at her and said, "Who is this?!?" when he walked in the room. Jeremy made fun of me by doing improv scenes as "Level 2 Patty" and Betsy told Nick M. stories of my childhood, and Mike... well, Mike loves magic (and Jameson). There was a magician there, and he did some card tricks, and Mike erupted. He kept screaming, "THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN! WHAT?!?! WHAT!!! SOMETHING'S HAPPENING HERE TONIGHT... SOME FREAKY SHIT IS GOING DOWN." while Jeremy tried heightening on Mike's loudness by screaming "WHYYYYY?!?" and grabbing his face. None of this makes sense, or sounds funny, but assuming a majority of you know them - then yeah, it was funny.

But the greatest moment by far was drunk Evan. Oh, Evan. So adorable drinking his White Russians! I was giving him a ride home, and all the alcohol hit him like a ton of bricks, and he just went crazy. At several points, his legs were out the window, then his whole torso was out the window, with me clinging to his arm or jacket. If it were anyone else, I would probably have killed them. But for some reason, I couldn't be annoyed. It was Evan being an Evan I haven't seen in a while - maybe it's less job stress! Then Jules, Betsy, Evan and I went to South Street, and he kept begging for the juke box, then started writing us notes (which I will leave off here for Evan's sake, but they were SO funny.) His notes were his stream of conscience... and his grammar was poor. Ok, fine, one blurb!

"Anne Frank? Jew. Me too... Why I'm so nice? Creepy.
Jules. Wolf? Lone wolf? Glad at South St. Safe with ourselves. It's always
better w. friends. friends understand. [lots] o weed? it's okay we'll all make
it out... Nick Wilson want fuck me!"


Erin said...

That magician is one of my level one students! Did he set something on fire?

becky said...

slide to the left!

Patty Barrett said...

Well, no. But he did pull a card out of his mouth... and change the one that was in Mike's hand. It was a joy to watch.

becky said...

also, post about your color dammit! stop working! GOSH!


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