Thursday, March 6, 2008


So my favorite magazine is Glamour. I think that's ok - so if you don't think that's ok, then I don't care. (I do, so please refrain your judgment.)

Regardless, it's like my favorite day of the month when it comes in the mail. I mean, I want to be a magazine writer. I've done all sorts of writing in my time, and I've found that magazine writing is far more rewarding and enjoyable for me. It's therapeutic, and it allows me to talk about whatever the fuck I want to talk about. I get to have my own voice, and a lot of the time I can talk about myself, which is important. My goal (at the moment) is to enter NYU's Magazine Writing program in Fall 2009 - but, well, it is a dying art... and grad school's so much money...

Anyway, I'd love to write for Glamour. I love it! I feel better about myself when I read it cause it says things to me, like it says "Hey kiddo! It's okay if you use Jon Stewart or Weekend Update as your source of news..." and it also tells me how to alleviate bad moods in the workplace, and how to be a BOSS that's not a BITCH (which I've yet to master...)

But I'll take anything. I love magazines so much. Even the smell of them. I just hate all the ads and little cards that say "Buy more subscriptions!"

Here's what I learned from the April 2008 issue of Glamour:

1. Buying a coffee from Starbucks everyday is OKAY! As long as I cut out other things like going out to dinner/lunch every day, or drinks, or other things I spend too much money on. So basically, I have to give up my lifestyle for a damn coffee. Hm... I'm in.

2. Salma Heyek is hot. She's been my lady crush ever since she was on "Ugly Betty". But now she has a baby and everything, and well, I'm not ready for that sort of commitment.

3. That going green is cool. I've always said, "I love the color green, but I'm not trying my best to make my world a green one." I probably still won't try my best. But hey, I have ONE energy saving light bulb... and I rarely ever use the lamp that it's in... so that's like an EXTRA energy saving light bulb. Huzzah!

4. That "labiaplasty" (reducing and reshaping a woman's labia) is the new big surgery. Apparently, some women have such large labia that it's uncomfortable to walk - never mind ugly. But according to the men they polled, no man thinks a vagina is ugly. New subject? Yes.

5. That the so-called "Happiest Clothes on the Planet" are the ugliest clothes on the planet in my opinion.

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becky said...

i too enjoy the glamour. it also gives me a reason to draw things on people's faces/black out model's teeth when i get really bored or i'm at the dentist's office.


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