Saturday, March 1, 2008

Love and Marriage

A couple got married last night at the Improv Asylum.

They had their first date there, then they had like anniversaries there and such, and it was such a monumental place for them that they decided to get married there. They got engaged at the end of January - and instead of eloping, which was the thought of the groom - they decided to plan it in a month and get married on the Leap Year.

So, is their first anniversary February 29, 2012?

Anyway, the staff all dressed up. The men wore tuxes and looked so handsome! The ladies wore dresses - though I'm pretty sure Michelle and I wouldn't get away with that as wedding attire. I can't help cleavage, and she can't help having legs! I was hoping to stay in our outfits all night, but everyone backed out on me... but I still wore my dress. It was fun.

The couple got married during the show - so there was like a normal show with improv and sketches and interviews, but there was an exchange of vows and the officiating of a marriage by a former IA musician (though sometimes still a musician), Peter Fernandez. It was strange. And at one point Doug came out (in the character of a British cousin) and brought attention to the fact they were getting married in the basement of a CVS... though he left out the fact it smells like dead rat.

I can't imagine getting married at Improv Asylum. But, I guess it's because I'm there all the time and know all its faults (meaning broken things and smells). It's their special place, and that's cool. Maybe Janine and I will get married at the drive-thru Starbucks in Woburn.

That graphic was made by Dana Douglass. She's talented, she made her own Save the Dates with a similar design. She's getting married soon, with me in the wedding, which will not be at Improv Asylum.

Happy March!

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