Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post-Trip Hangover

Maybe it's because I just got off a 4 and a half hour Fung Wah bus ride from New York City, but I'm in a weird mood.

I'm so sick of Boston. I've done it all, and the things that I haven't done - I have no interest in doing. In New York I wanted to do everything, there were times when someone would say "What do you wanna do?" and I would say "It doesn't matter to me." and it REALLY didn't. Usually I just say that, but really I know what I want to do but don't want to be the one to say it. I wanted to travel up and down the city, visit every nook and cranny, drink at a place that served $2.50 beers one night, then buy a $65 bottle of wine the next night to share with an over-priced (but delicious) steak dinner. And even though I was full and my feet hurt, I wanted more more more - so I schlepped from Midtown to the Financial District to watch drunk people celebrate St. Patrick's Day, just to get up the next morning and do more! And one full day just isn't enough.

In Boston, I have one bar that I frequent, and I never feel like going anywhere else because it's out of my comfort zone. I've fallen into a pattern, I hang out with the same people every week (but that, I don't mind, I love my friends) and we do the same exact things. I work every night, and when I'm bored - I go visit work. It's just boring... and now that I'm graduating, I'm bored.

And I guess everyone feels this way post-trips and they get in a "I wanna go back!" mood, but I feel that way every single time I come home from New York. Maybe I just hate working, because to be honest, that's what I dread most on a weekly basis . . . or maybe I'm just crazy. Or maybe I just want to be a full-time Tina Fey stalker. Sure.

But I saw really good improv at UCB on Sunday night... with really great people, and people who I thought would be great but were surprisingly not that great. I also finally finished Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up"... I liked it.

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