Monday, March 10, 2008

Road Trip: IHOP

This past weekend was a whirlwind of weird and fun.

Friday night was pretty crazy... dance, drunk, laughing, games, etc. (and that etc. means many, many things.) So Saturday, we were pretty laid back and wanted a low key night. We hadn't eaten all night, and with Keith being sick, we had no candy. So, Jules Andrew and I decided to get late-night food. But South Street (24 hour diner) was SO busy because the clubs were just getting out. We opted for IHOP.

We pulled to the North End so Julia could download a GPS function on her phone... it took like, 10 minutes, ha. We headed to Brighton to find the IHOP. We got lost like... twice? And ended up reaching Brighton in about 25 minutes. At this point it was about 4:30 am. We lost an hour due to the time change... damn I hated it. I like it in the long run, but when you lose an hour of sleep - it is NOT cool.

We had gained our second wind in the car, then lost it after we ordered our food (strawberry banana pancakes for me, an omelet for Andrew, and pretty much one of everything for Jules.) So we sat there almost falling asleep the entire time, and commenting on drunk people around us. One guy covered his face in pancakes, and there were like 3-4 people I saw who resembled Improv Asylum people... which proves that I'm insane and need to get away from that place. I was so tired that I laughed at everything Jules said... which included updates on her pooping schedule.

After the night was over, getting home at 6am seemed SO unnecessary. I crawled into bed regretting staying out so late. . . knowing I had to get up in like 4-5 hours. I barely slept, and spent the entire day struggling to keep my eyes open. I hate springing forward... but I can't wait for Spring. Damn it.

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