Sunday, March 2, 2008

When I'm Feeling Sad, Jesus Makes Me Glad

When I'm upset (for various reasons, like Seriously Bent losing a competition by one lousy point) I'm not happy. Is that normal? To not be happy when you're upset? Didn't think so.

But when I'm pissed, or upset, or annoyed, I do things to make me not that way! (Is that normal? To try to get yourself to not be upset anymore?)

I play with my dog (pictured above camouflaged in snow). I'll go upstairs and steal his toys so that he'll fight me for them, or pet him, or make him growl at me. He's really cute. He's Griffin, and he's getting old and that makes me really sad. When his legs shake, I can't look at him. Sometimes I cry about it. But nobody knows that. But sometimes he has a lot of energy and chases my mom when she's vacuuming. And he doesn't have a tail, because he's a boxer, so he bites other dog's tails because he's jealous.

I also go for long drives, or long walks. Today I went to Woburn, and stopped at the drive-thru Starbucks, and then went back home. Oh, and I sing very loudly in the car. I live an interesting life.

Sometimes I'll just show cleavage and "smooch randoms". (I had to quote it, because it's Mike Anastasia's line.)

And that's how the cookie crumbles. Be happy, everybody!

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