Friday, April 4, 2008


I’ve mentioned this right? How I’m dangerously addicted to Starbucks? Cause I am. This particular coffee is a Vanilla Nonfat Latte. Okay, that’s the same thing I get every day. Every single day. Literally. For the past like, two weeks, not a day has gone by where I did not get a coffee. And some days I have got two. TWO.

Do you know how much money that is? I had a confrontation with my online bank statement a minute ago, and well it keeps throwing SBUX in my face! I get it! $3.83 for a coffee is OUTRAGEOUS. Everyday, that’s $4 (with the $.17 going into my savings account). So, for the past 14 days, I’ve spent $56, if not more (for the days I purchased 2.)

Maybe that’s not that bad. In fact, when you think about it, that also means I have put a whole $1.96 in my savings account through this addiction.

I’m going to justify this and say it’s all right. For one, it’s keeping me off the streets. I’m not off somewhere getting drunk and high, and having tons of STD-ridden sex (for the most part…) Plus, I need something to keep me awake when I’m watching late-night screenings with the Late-night Movie Screening Society. Last night we watched “The Ice Storm”, amusing and sad… and frigid.

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Chris said...

Oooh, Ice Storm! I love that movie. Criterion recently re-released it, all spiffy.

Do you think the IA 10th anniversary party will turn into a Key Party?

Uh...never mind.


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