Sunday, April 20, 2008

Auf Wiedersehn

Saturday was my last show with Seriously Bent. Well, sort of. I mean, we're supposed to be doing it again at the Asylum, and we have a show in Mashpee in two weeks. But, technically, it was the final show. For Julia too.

It was strange. The show was all I thought about all week. We put a lot of effort and time into it, and threw it all together last minute basically, but it was so worth it. Every doubt or concern I had was completely vanished after the first "tech" run at 6pm on Friday night. It was supposed to be our, "oh well, here we go..." show, but it actually came out fine. And we all knew what to do, and everything was just impeccable. And I say that because I'm biased and love everyone to death. So, of course I thought it was perfect! There was just so much creativity and awesomeness. Now I'm just sad that it's over. I wish we could do it again tonight!

On the last show, 8pm, the final long form turned into an Asylum-style last night show. Julia and I were pulled into every single scene, everyone brought up call backs from throughout the year (or years), and it was wonderful. I got to do a Tracy scene with Kelly, and Nick made fun of himself for not knowing what bas relief was as an Art History teacher, I got to do Nick and I's "First Date" sketch, and then Trevor busted out the goodbye's and had Bryan play "You'll Be In My Heart" for Julia and I. It was really cute and adorable. I love them all so much.

And Eric said everytime I mention him in my blog his heart expands, or something like that. So, just so you all know. Eric is hilarious. If you saw the show, the waiter in the Baby Cancer sketch... fucking killer.

Knowing I'm not going to have that next year is going to kill me. Nick Mandella said, "Knowing I won't see you guys in the wings is really hard." And it's so true... like, not laughing at each other and making fun. Oh well. They'll always be around (cause they're cockroaches) and I'll be in Boston, so it's not over. But, still, sad. Best thing I've ever done in my life (in more ways than one.) I mean what?


becky said...

I TOLD YOU TO GET INVOLVED! i'm so proud patty. my heart swells.

Anonymous said...

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