Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Boy Is Mine

Where do I begin ?

Well, let's start with the fact that I was just chased by a fire man. Or fire men.

What was I doing? I was eating Chinese food in a parking lot with Jeremy Brothers and Nick Wilson. Why? Who knows? It's nice out! It was really late, and we didn't want to bring it back to where we initially were.

We left the parking lot, full of peking dumplings, beef lo mein and fried squid, leaving our trash behind us. Then a fire man pops out of the fire house asking what we were doing. Jeremy's response: "Making out." Then he said, "What were you really doing?" and I said, "Eating. Literally just eating." and then we hear the guy yelling at us, and Nick and Jeremy took off running, so I followed suit.

We ran all the way, chased, and barged into the apartment where the party was at. Not realizing what more harm we could have caused if we got caught in front of that apartment, or at that apartment. Geesh.

Good parts? Jeremy: "Aww, I just witnessed something real."

I feel sick.

Had my first series of final Seriously Bent shows tonight... and they went really well. My friends came to the 8, and it was really nice and nerve wracking to have them all there. Hearing them laugh made me shake even more (and hearing Jeremy laugh made me laugh... during a sketch... I was Horatio Sanz.) But, it's always nice to feel support.

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