Saturday, April 5, 2008

Clap Your Hands And Say Sure

Have I mentioned Slow Clap? It's an improv group I started from the House Teams at IA with Matt Catanzano, Chris Carpenter, and Dave Boczenowski. We've been working on this troupe for a while now. . . thinking back in the fall/winter that we'd start one of our own. Then we had a few dinners to talk about it more, at Friday's and Not Your Average Joe's, and then we scheduled two shows.

Then we kind of fell off the face of the Earth. We stopped doing House Teams, I was involved with Seriously Bent, people had work and other things going on. We kept trying to plan rehearsals, but they just never happened. But, we had a show scheduled. . . so we were forced to remain a group. That show was last night, and it was a lot of fun.

I haven't improvised with most of them in months... besides Matt at an audition. So, when we had rehearsal last Wednesday (in a church... which they trusted us to lock at the end of the night - here's how that turned out. . .)
Anyway, when we had rehearsal, we had a lot of fun. But we did a lot of shitty weird scenes... so I hoped we could really pull it together for Friday. And we did. Like, big time. We worked really well together. And the space was small, and dim, and not what we're used to at all. (There was a children's recital going on simultaneously and their "green room" was in the room adjacent to our show space... so little kids kept giggling and looking through the window.) But, the audience enjoyed us. Carp didn't swear at all, and we did no controversial scenes. . . in fact, I believe Matt may have said the worst thing about retards. But, you can't blame him.

Basically, they're really great, and I'm excited to keep working with them. We have another show coming up, and then nothing planned after that. Maybe we should plan some, because having something in the future is the only thing that forces us to stay together.

IN OTHER NEWS, Did I mention that in the past week I have had TWO search parties after me? Not really. But, on Thursday night I was hanging out with Steve (not hiding!) and my phone had been on silent cause I was in class all day and forgot to turn it back up... then people (Julia and Jeremy fueled, really) texted and called me about 27 times for about 2-3 hours. They were worried sick, and ultimately called my roommate to see if I was home. When I got the calls, I felt really bad. The last text from Jeremy, "Ok. This is ridiculous, people are worried." Made me too scared to even call them back, I was afraid I would get murdered. But I showed up at IA, and they were scold-y, but fine.

Then, last night, I hung out with everyone at Goody Glover's and then we went to Nick Mandella's apartment so Trevor could eat the entire kitchen and the scraps of our Bova's treats. (Which is another post entirely.) I had a few drinks... and I was a little buzzed, but I had to get home. Jules told me to call her when I got home, and I forgot. I just crashed. And I put my phone on silent so nothing would wake me up, and then I woke up at 2 (a time I NEVER sleep until) with numerous calls/texts/voice mails wondering where the hell I was. The best was Jeremy, "Call Julia when you wake up so she knows you're alive, because she's kind of freaking out. There's another conversation about driving drunk that we'll have later. Hope you're well."

I love my mom and dad.

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Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIZZ – just came across this AMAZING post! I miss ALL 3 of you crazy, crazy critters…long before any of us performed with Awkward Compliment, ImprovBoston's Harold team, Steve-O, or Improv Asylum mainstage – we were already BOSSES, son!

I know some of us may have contractual obligations (boo, blah, whatever) – how effin fun would it be to get this creepy lil’ group back together for 1 creepy show somewhere?!...Asylum?

Make it happen, Mayo! I expect an email with a plan, direction, and details in 20 mins or less…cya!


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