Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ghouls and Fools

For those of who you work at the Improv Asylum - you should know it's haunted. If you haven't heard that yet. For those of you do not work at the Improv Asylum, you should know it's haunted. I may have mentioned this.

The ghost has been named Madge, but we're unsure what her (or his?) actual name is. But, here is what I've gathered about her: she wears "period clothing" (meaning colonial clothing and not clothing covered in period), she apparently doesn't like the song "The Way I Are" by Timabaland, she likes to sit in rehearsals, she loves fucking around with the currently non-existent green room door, and she has been jilted by Mike Anastasia.

I have been down in the theater during the day, and has randomly fell off the bar. Bottles fell off the shelves and landed on the ground, and there is no window or breeze in the area to cause these things! I have walked into the theater and seen Mike's picture shattered on the ground on two occasions - they're toughly velcro-d to the wall people. . . and nobody else's headshot is falling off! She doesn't like the fact that he takes other ladies down the theater to google Spiderman (seriously).

Regardless, although Madge scares the shit out of me (particularly when I'm down there by myself) I have now taken a liking. . . sort of an obsession, with ghosts. I heard of a haunted Insane Asylum in Danvers, and I read all about it and found out how to get there... then Steve (equipped with several flash lights for exploring) and I trekked to Danvers and found the location... which has now been turned into a not-so-scary condominium complex. It's on a hill and the places look beautiful. . . there were some creepy elements, like the original building in the middle. But otherwise, nothing. Then we drove through a scary and dark field, found a "No Trespassing" building owned by the state where there were barbed wire fences and it was in the middle of a field - so probably just nuclear testing.

Regardless, I'm currently on a hunt for scary ghosts. And, oh, naming them stupid names (i.e. Madge) makes them less scary!


becky said...

who hasn't been jilted by anastasia?

Erin said...

Ha, I was actually going to write that Mike's picture could have been smashed by any number of ladies, living or dead.


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