Sunday, April 27, 2008

How'd You Get To Be So Sweet?

I went to see Baby Mama last night, and the reasons why I love Tina Fey have all been confirmed. She's just so funny and every one of her characters are great, despite the fact they're basically the same. She always plays the straight character, the one who has it all together, but eventually you realize she doesn't. Even her small role in Mean Girls was like that. But I don't care! Her and I are so alike, we're like soul mates. She's my hero.

Speaking of heroes, this morning I woke up in a bed that was not mine. (That didn't connect... ) I woke up relatively early and couldn't fall back asleep, so I hypnotized myself with the ceiling fan and just thought about things for too long. I recollected about the night, which I decided was very fun all together, minus a few points here and there. I thought about MTV VJ's and what happened to them, and what happened to MTV in general. I thought about myself and my life, and there's this communication theory (i know, gross) that says you are who your friends think you are. The way you act, speak, dress, and behave is the way your friends want you to. And I don't mean like, if your friends are all smokers and they want you to be a smoker, you'll be a smoker (unless, of course, your friend is Julia.) It's more like, if your friends think you're great, then you think you're great. If your friend is mad at you and thinks you're scum, then you think you're scum.

I think I have a pretty great set of peeps, yo. The people in my life are some of the funniest, most supportive, enjoyable people to be around. Is that just because they love me? Probably. I like the fact that some of my friends want me to check in with them when I go places, or get home at night because they're worried about me. I mean, sure, I shouldn't be driving when I've had a few drinks and obviously they want me alive rather than dead, but the two instances where networks of people had been called and search parties were on the prowl - those things make me feel like I could never really get hurt because there's too many people to stop that from happening.

This is all far too emotional isn't it? I'm not crying here, so it's not that bad. It's pretty mushy and gross, but it's true. There are just some people in my life that make me feel so valuable and worth it. I've always had a supportive family, but I always brush it off because they HAVE to say nice things to me (don't say "that's not true" Betsy! It's not like you would ever seriously tell me I looked bad or I'm not funny.) And I mean, that's what it comes down to right? Finding a group of friends who give you their full attention and think about YOU every hour of every day??

In general, I think I'm great. I think my friends are great. And I don't care who doesn't think I'm great, or that my friends are great. And even though I have some friends who make me feel worthless, then they are too!

And to end this, I would just like to say my mouth sort of tastes like a Midori Sour... and that's not even the last thing I had to drink. Gross.

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