Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Morning TV

So, I watched America's Next Top Model this morning for a second. They separated the over-21 girls and the under-21 girls in two separate vans. The over-21 girls went to a fancy club where they drank and danced and had a fun time. The other van, under 21, went bowling. There was a record scratch and everyone started complaining about how bad they had it because they weren't 21 and they had to be bowling and not dancing at a club. Well, one, there ARE under-21 clubs, and really? That's a little stupid to basically say to young girls (the general demographic of that show) that you can't have a good time unless you're drinking. I mean, I drank when I wasn't 21... but, it's still stupid. The way they edited the show.. it looked so bad. Like they'd play fun, upbeat music when they showed the legal girls, and they played lower tempo music for the underage girls and they looked so upset. So dumb.

Then I watch The Hills...

Heidi "I will kill some bitches if she comes up here."
Audrina "That's how I am too!"

Great. Wonderful. Like, Heidi's crazy and Audrina's like, "Oh my god! I'm so like that! I will totally kill a girl if she talks to my boyfriend!" That shouldn't be promoted!

The sad part is I watched it on I sought out the show, I didn't accidentally stumble across it. Yea... I think I need a drink.

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becky said...

have you seen heidi's line of clothes? they're tre terribé.


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