Sunday, April 13, 2008

There's Six Flags in Total

Today I went to Six Flags.

I had a day off, I had a car, and it was opening weekend, so I thought, why not?

I woke up in the morning and checked the weather for Springfield, and it said rain... I was slightly hesitant - but I've been to Six Flags in the rain before, and it was one of the best times I went. No lines, no waits, basically emptiness. So, we thought we'd still give it a try.

We were on the road by 12:30, and Steve made a CD but the CD player is broken, and I also have no mp3 player hook up anymore. . . so we were stuck listening to the radio, and ultimately "Love Song" about 27 times. But road trips are fun, because you get to drive... and then not drive, and then drive again. It rained all the way up there... but when we got to Springfield, CLEAR SKIES! Take that,

But, we pulled up to the parking lot (which costs $15 by the way) and they were all like, "We're closing at 4 because of weather... you can stay for 2 hours and we won't charge you to park." So, we got to park for free and go on rides for 2 hours.

On a normal Six Flags day, when the weather's nice and nobody has anything to do during the summer, 2 hours will get you on 1 or 2 rides. We were able to ride 6-7 rides, with absolutely NO line at all. We basically walked on every single ride, and in one case we were the ONLY ones on the ride (the Mind Eraser... the scariest ride ever because you can't see what's happening, it's rickity, and it hurts your ears like crazy from going upside down.) It was pretty fucking awesome, because it ended up being gorgeous out, and we never waited.

And then my cell phone fell off on the Superman ride. The LAST ride of the day. The FINAL one we were squeezing in before we had to leave the park. It was so shitty. I was IN LINE texting Jeremy about Gossip Girl, and then all of a sudden 5 minutes later, it's lost in the abyss. Since it was almost 4, we talked to the operators about it, and they found a Mint Chocolate and I was so excited! Then it wasn't mine... so, I stuck around until they could actually go out and look for it and nope, nothing.

I'm pretty upset about it. Mainly because I dropped my phone in water like a month or so ago, and just got a new one. Now I have to go through the process all over again and pay more money. But, well, at least I dropped it in a fun way, right?!? Superman is my favorite ride. And - Steve thought it would be funny if it went flying off the ride at 70 mph and there was some bratty kid walking through the park saying, "Mommy, I want ice cream!" over and over, and then the phone just whacked him in the head.

That's what I'm hoping for...

** And Julia's response to my phone debacle: "i would love to know what the deal is with us and phones...we just can't keep them safe...makes me wonder what we're gonna be like as i gonna bite my kid's face off? [ cause she bit the screen of her phone] is ur child gonna fall out of a roller-coaster? icarumba

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