Thursday, April 24, 2008


Right now I am sitting in the Seriously Bent office, which we share the Suffolk sorority, the Step Team, and the "College Investment Association" (which Trevor just whispered "THE CIA...")

It's the last day of classes and Trevor is writing one of his final articles for his Opinion Journalism class. I was going to write it for him, but I write exceptionally well and he does not. Actually, he's a better writer than you'd think. He's funny and entertaining, I could see him working for a paper or magazine doing reviews or something... but first he has to find out the difference between "you're" and "your"

Anyways, I was trying to write for him and he kept throwing out all these opinions and things he wanted to say, and I was all like "FINE! YOU WRITE IT!"

Here's what he's got so far: "Hillary Clinton should think about changing her campaign song to Annie Lennox's 'Walking on Broken Glass'"

Travis is great, idn't he?

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becky said...

come get me for coffee!!! you're two floors above me and i'm dying hereeeeeeeeeee


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