Sunday, April 6, 2008


I've talked about Julia a lot on this blog, and I could go on for hours and hours about her. She's wonderful. But right now, I will focus on Trevor.

If I didn't love Trevor so, so much (which I so, so do) I would hate him. He knows this. He's everything I hate about guys. . . just the type of guy he is, and everything he chooses to be. (Remember, I love him! I love you Trev!) But, I can't help but love his sweet moments, and when he choses his drinks not-so-strong, or none at all. Or when he puts Kelly's purse and sunglasses on and pretends he's Raven Simone. He's my little munchkin, who needs to stop drinking and ruining his pancreas!

Regardless, he can light up any room. He can make hanging out for 15 minutes the funniest 15 minutes ever. He's adorable and charming, and he's got a great wink. And his bad eating habits make for some hilarity - even though it too is a factor of the destroying of the pancreas:

Some gems:

"What's in that toaster oven??? Better yet, what can we PUT in that toaster oven??"

"There was a point this morning when I was going down on Craig and I thought, I love Julia."

"Wait, hold on, open this... (opens the fridge)... is that a pudding cup???"

T: Here's my sexy face! (Bites the air.)
Nick: Of course he's eating something!
T: Yeah... twat.

"Aw, thanks, are we gonna try? (To Julia) Are you gonna feed me another strawberry?!?!?"

(Nick stuffs whoopie pie in his mouth while Trevor's in mid conversation)
Trevor: Oh... Oh.... do you have any milk?? I'm about to be in heaven.

And finally, we're all talking and having a conversation, and all of a sudden we look over at Trevor and his head is back, the milk carton is above his head and he's dripping the last drops of whatever's in the carton into his mouth. Then looks at us.... "What?"

In the following picture, there's a strawberry in their mouths.

Ok fine, 1 Julia quote: "My sexy face is my mouth open and a dick in my mouth." Oh Jules...

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