Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's In My Drawer?

"Hey Patty!" the kids ask, "What's in your top drawer?"

Well kids, as I've never been one to hold back about my most secret posessions. I will share with you what is in my top drawer!

  • Bobby pins. Why bobby? I don't know. Why can't they be called Kevin pins?
  • Market Basket brand dental floss (one of the three I have on my desk)
  • Scissors that are left-handed and bad
  • Gallagher's Steak House matches... we didn't even eat there, we just stole the match books
  • an "NYC CONDOM" - don't know what's so special about an NYC one, but maybe it protects against babies, std's, and getting shot in the head
  • Multi-colored sharpies. I bought a pack of 26 one time. I have NO idea why.
  • A blue stapler I stole from my parents.
  • An index card with a line-up for a Slow Clap show written on it. Apparently we did Quick Scene Opener, Ding (Say it Again), 4-Pack, Serious Scene, Replay and Montage. Fun!
What's that lady with red hair? It's not me. My entire wooden desk was painted red and modpodged over with magazine ads and clippings. That particular lady was found in a Pantene Pro-V ad for Red Expressions shampoo. I liked her red curly hair.

Thanks for tuning in!

That was a pointless post. Part of my charm. That and getting drunk to solve all problems. And constantly speaking in annoying bits. And gossiping.

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becky said...

bobby pins are named like that because they were originally invented to keep shorter hair styles (like bobs) under control.


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