Thursday, April 10, 2008

When Things Get Hot

Today was about 60-70 degrees in Boston. Do you know how awesome that is? Pretty awesome. Yesterday I wore leather boots and my calves felt fine, today I wore them and my calves were HOT and in need of air. Funny the way New England works.

Today we (Seriously Bent) had to get all dressed up in our blackest and blingiest to take some group photos for our upcoming show, From Point A to Plan B: Regrets, Disappointments... Seriously Bent. Considering it was such a fabulous day outside, we left rehearsal 15 minutes early to have a photo shoot on Kelly's roof. It was so gorgeous out, and combined with our hotness, it made a pretty hot photo shoot. Mike, our director/photographer-for-the-day, did a great job directing us... he had us pull out our fierceness - and then our angry faces scared him a little bit.

We alternated positions (twss) and then at one point we had cigarettes in our mouths. Mike said, "Patty, make it look like you've smoked a cigarette before." And when I still couldn't make it look natural, "You look like you have a lollipop in your mouth! No cigarette!" So then I held it, felt mildly less cool, then jumped off the building.

Eric looks like he is in the CIA, and Nick Wilson looks like he's in a cigarette ad. And I haven't seen the other pictures - but I hope I look happier to be there in others - cause I was.

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becky said...

you never posted about your colors, sad face.


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