Sunday, May 18, 2008

As We Go On, We Remember . . .

Today was the day I graduated college. Ah dia feliz! (I speak in Spanish because I have now joined the group of educated people, and nothing says 'educated' like speaking in another language!)

I woke up a bunch of times this morning and kept having weird dreams about graduation, so right when I thought I didn't give a shit, I realized that I actually did give a shit. I sort of forgot I was graduating until this past week when I was like "Oh yeah, it's not just my birthday this weekend, I have graduation." But I didn't care.

Today I felt nervous. I got teary eyed a few times just realizing it was all over. I have to grow up and be a real person now, I can't roll out of bed at noon, or skip classes to have lunch with Seriously Bent in the Donahue Caf. Oh... Seriously Bent... that's right, no more of that. No more seeing my school friends on a regular basis, and who knows when I'll see them again! But it also felt great. I felt accomplished, proud, happy, and mature. And I figured graduating Magna Cum Laude was a big accomplishment, considering how busy I was throughout the past four years. So, all in all, it was a bittersweet. Which is how a graduation should be.

Luckily, since my last name begins with B, I was among the first few in line and got started with everything quickly, including procession and receiving my diploma. And Julia and I had conversations with each other loudly even though we were like 3 lines apart. And then when the ceremony was about to start, I had to motion to her to fix her hair becuase her ear was sticking out. She got out of her seat and screamed for me when my name was called, and I yelled "OOH OOH!" to her, and she yelled it right back, pumping her fake diploma in the air.

Not a bad birthday! Not a bad graduation day! Not a bad life I lead!

There's Jules and I in what looks like heaven.

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