Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday Part Deux

Every night is a celebration when you have great friends. Cause I sure do.

Tonight I turned 22 at midnight. That was 2 and a half hours ago, and I was working - about to start the midnight show. At midnight I got hugs and "Happy Birthdays!" and texts, and I felt pretty great. Is this a blog to brag about how awesome I am, and how much I love attention? Sure, maybe, but at least I admit it.

I'm going to cut to the chase though, cause this blog was initially about how much I love my friends (not me). How much I love that Jim Geraghty is basically my dad, and has been there for the past 3 birthdays and provided me with a cake for each. Tonight's cake was the most delicious chocolate cake ever, rivaling only the most delicious chocolate cake from the movie Matilda (you know, when the super fat kid has to eat the whole thing!) and it was delivered to me with a pink candle in it while I was rocking out on the dance floor to Miley Cyrus. What better way to celebrate?

And the kids (Kelly and Bryan) got me a Raven Simone card (which, coincidentally is also the one Steve got me for Christmas... despite the fact it's a birthday card) but it was all in the spirit of Trevor and his alter ego, Raven Simone.

There was gossip all around, and Keith talking about audience members, and despite the fact that it was a crazy busy night in a very hot theater, I did my job pretty damn well tonight and remained in a good mood throughout the whole night. Oh, and Jeremy even gave me a piece of gossip for my birthday... sad gossip that would be better if it was about someone else and not him, cause I love him too much!

Also, I have a job interview on Monday and I'm graduating tomorrow. All in all, life is pretty good, and I'm pretty damn lucky. Go me! (There it is, I love myself. Someone has to!)

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