Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Comedians Without Borders

Today Nick and I went to Borders (look Chringy! no apostrophe!) He was looking for an "Angels in America" DVD set, and I was looking for company, and a book to keep me occupied.

Every time a semester ends, I go to Borders and I gets me a book. It marks a time where I can finally read a book without feeling guilty, or feeling like I need to run off and do school work. So, I get a book I can enjoy. Last semester I read "Eat, Pray, Love" and I ate it up, prayed for more, and made love to it. I realized I enjoyed travel writing and memoirs.

Nick's going to Tuscany in two weeks (for two weeks, sigh) and he was looking in the travel section for Italy and Tuscany books. I was looking through travel memoir books and found a few funny ones. The one I chose is "Sand in my Bra" and it's a funny book about different funny writers' adventures, like Ellen Degeneres for example. I thought, since I don't have the money to go away and travel myself, maybe I should stay in my bed and read about other people's! It's sort of the same!

While reading that guide book, he whispered loudly, "The legal age is 16 years old!" Which means he can meet lots of underage boys and legally "be their friend." He also read that one of the towns is a homosexual mecca, in a way, which made him tap his feet in giddyness - or was it a pelvic thrust?

We also made our way over to the History section because he wanted to read books about Rome's history, or whatever. My favorite time in history to learn about is the Holocaust. For some strange reason I'm just so interested in everything about it. I saw Mein Kampf, so I read through it. Even the opening page was ridiculously insane. But at one point I started laughing, and Nick turned around and saw what I was reading, made a weird face and said, "Did you just laugh?!?"

Hitler thought that every young German boy should get up in the morning and engage himself in physical activity, and also another hour later in the day. He thought the best physical activity was boxing, even though most people considered it "folkish". He didn't understand why some people thought fencing was fine, but boxing was barbaric. Boxing helped young men with their sneak attacks, agility, and lightning defenses. It also helped people toughen up. Basically, it helped strengthen his army of crazies.

Oh, Hitler. I also looked at the picture above and said, "Ooh! Stalin was kind of cute!"

Anyway, Nick and I spent a while at Borders, reading sex help titles and freaking other customers out. Being creeped out by the person who rang us up. And laughing over silly things. Loves it.

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