Friday, May 16, 2008

Even If We're Just Dancing In The Dark

When we (Seriously Bent) went to Chicago in November, Nick brought along a camera so that he could get some footage of us on the trip. Not performing, but just... us being us. This shot was taken on the plane there, and Trev got interviewed by Nick.

Around the time this picture was taken, Trevor said he could tell we were flying over Route 1 because he could "see the glowing orange faces of all the Northshore girls" as well as the sign for Kelly's Roast Beef.

It was funny. Trevor's in the hospital again. But this time they don't blame alcohol. Which is good, but after the 3rd time being in the hospital from it within a year, you'd think the doctors would have figured it out by now. I guess third time's a charm.

In an unrelated note, I want to go back to Chicago. So, so bad. But I want it paid for by Suffolk University, and I want it to be with all of my friends... as we eat dinner at the Grand Luxe Cafe and tour the American Girls store.

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