Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day !

Today is Mother's Day. My sister is home for the weekend, and we took her out to one of the most fancy establishments we could think of. . . The Cheesecake Factory. The one at the Galleria Mall, too, so ... extra fancy. We thought we'd have plenty of time to kill, as the wait would obviously be years. But we got a table right away. I got a mango margarita! It was delicious.

I treated my mother right by ridiculing her driving and parking choices - which she in return told an embarrassing story to my sister about me hitting a pillar at the mall a few months ago. My sister and her shared rotten stories of my childhood ( I was a terrorist ) and my sister and I turned my mother's stories into comedic bits. Like when my mom said she was walking the dog in the morning and saw two gay men, which she obviously knew were gay based on their put together outfits and the fact they were two men walking together. We made up a bit about how she walked up to them congratulating them on their lifestyle choice and their courage, but in the end they were just brothers. Sometimes I wonder why she never smacks us.

Then she bought us clothes. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day then by having her buy her children outfits ? I just can't see a better activity!

By the way, Griffin is my dog. He's cute.

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