Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I was driving down Main Street in Everett last week when I saw this billboard.

My first thought was, IS THAT A TACO BELL AD MODELED AFTER HITLER?!?!? I was shocked! I didn't know what to do... so I called my sister and told her. We both looked it up on the internet, but we couldn't find anything. No website, nothing on the Taco Bell website, and nothing anywhere on the internet. I'd assume that if people saw it they'd be infuriated and have some sort of backlash! Surely it isn't right for an ad campaign to be modeled after (or even make fun of) Adolph Hitler. (At least I think it's still too soon. I mean, not that I don't love Hitler... and by "love Hitler" I mean love reading about him and watching documentaries about him... better, right?)

I think that because it has a chihuahua in the poster, with spiraling red stripes. And the text says "HEEL HEEL HEEL", which I connected with "HEIL! HEIL! HEIL!" But maybe I'm wrong.

I just looked it up again. I didn't find anything, but I googled "Hitler" which brought me to an image of the newspaper headline saying "HITLER DEAD" (although it is dated 1942, so it had to be a mistake... would hate to be the reporter who did that) and then I clicked on the website it was from, and I read a paragraph about his sexuality, and it's been said that he had a weird sexual fantasy - which may have caused all three woman in his life to attempt suicide... I think it was probably just because he was a crazy mother fucker - called "urolagnia" which I then wikipedia'd and found out it is a urination fetish. But, wikipedia also stated "The practice of drinking large quantities of one's own urine as alternative medicine is not the same as urolagnia." So, don't worry people who do that, you're not a perverted freak.

To end this blog entry, I would like to congratulate you on taking a trip through my ADD brain with me. I hope you have enjoyed the journey you have embarked on with my mind, starting with a strange billboard and ending with both the consumption and fascination of urine.


becky said...

i saw those too! i thought they were a new OBEY thing (as in http://obeygiant.com/), but no.

disney is trying to start a viral marketing campaign for a horrific new movie called beverly hills chihuahua.

sounds horrific to me.


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's Disney. http://heel.la

Anonymous said...

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