Saturday, May 24, 2008

It Was So, So Cold In There

Last night Jeremy, Evan and I went to see our friends (Tony, Nick and Christina) in some plays in Allston. We were going to take the T over, but we ended up driving, found a parking spot right outside, and then got there early enough to split an ice cream at cold stone. We got cake batter ice cream with graham cracker crust, gummy bears, and reese's peanut butter cups. It was delicious.

The plays were interesting, but the kids (Tony, Nick and Christina) were really great. It was fun to see Nick doing something other than improv, I don't think I've ever seen him do anything else... even though he has done theater, I've just never seen it.

Afterwards, we drove to Cambridge St. to go to The Liberty Hotel for Clink and there was a line out the door. There were two guys there checking id's and monitoring the line, and somehow the three of us just walked right in. Nobody asked us any questions, I assumed they thought we were guests. So, we headed up the elevator and saw that the lobby was SO CROWDED with corporate men and slutty sluts, and we definitely wouldn't be able to get drinks and fancy cheese and enjoy ourselves! So, we left, and completely downgraded to IHOP where there was some sort of after prom celebration with 100 high school kids (including two sad girls in their prom dresses eating alone), and the most annoying women in the world sitting next to us, with a waiter who obviously worked at IHOP part-time to pay off the guitar he bought for his punk rock band.

Thursday night I didn't sleep at all because I was so nervous about Friday and the new job. Ugh, it was a horrible night of tossing and turning and three viewings of the same episode of 30 Rock. So, I was exhausted, but we still went to the theater to see who was there, and while I turned down watching Volver to go home and sleep, we ended up staying and talking until 2am.

It was fun. They made me feel uncomfortable about my driving abilities. And even when we got to Allston, and I parallel parked, I said, "I hate parallel parking with people, well mainly with Steve because he makes fun of me." And Evan said, "We won't judge you." But they did, they judged my drifting and my not-switching-lanes... and Evan said something like "The way you drive doesn't change the fact that you're a good person." So, I'm a bad driver and a good person? That's incorrect! I'm not a good person, either.

The new job is scary, but I think I'll be capable of doing it because I'm a smart girl and a hard worker, so I'll make it my own. I've been in need of some encouragement lately though, so feel free to tell me how awesome I am all the time so I feel better about myself. Danke!

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