Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let's Go To Kyle's

Dinner at Kyle's. By "dinner" I mean appetizers. They consisted of fruit salad (strawberries and grapes), a giant jar of dill pickles, sesame crackers, soft cheese, a block of cheddar cheese, red pepper hummus, pretzels, chips, ranch dip, french onion dip, and tomatoes with salt. It was a delicious, not-so-classy assortment, but it suited us pretty well.

We each drank our own wonderful selections of wine: Pinot Grigio for me, Arbor Mist for Jules, and Montepulciano for Nick. Kyle drank PBR.

Kyle is Trevor's old roommate, and it was strange being there with new faces. I've been to Trevor's once, so I can't really be nostalgic, but I liked being able to walk into Trevor's room, make fun of his vitamins, and put on his sweater cause I was cold.

Fun events? Nick tickled me and I buckled over and hit my eye on a bottle of wine. It really hurt, and they got me a giant hunk of meat to put on it. Then, I was on a table doing an inappropriate bit with Nick, then I fell off the table and bruised my entire side. Regardless, it was fun and should happen more often. Oh, and we also sang Disney songs. Now that's a party!

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Nick said...

I thought our spread was quite classy. There was Camembert cheese!


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