Thursday, May 8, 2008

Salt and Pepper's Got It Swingin' Again

This morning I woke up to get ready, and I played Salt n' Peppa's "None of your Business" very loudly and acted it out as though I break rules and double standards don't mean shit to me.

I put it on shuffle, and then other songs came on. The following song was "Show Me Love" by Robyn (YEAAA JULLESSS). To most people (besides some of my close friends) I have bad music taste. Mainly because I don't listen to hip and cool bands like Magnetic Fields and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and I only really know what those bands are because of my sister and Mike's t-shirts (he has the one above... among 100 others!). There are some songs I like, mainly the ones that were on Jeremy's NXT Intermission Mix like 2 years ago, but other than that. . . I just can't get into the hipster scene. Maybe I'm not artsy enough.

I've always had "bad" music taste... I grew up obsessively loving The Backstreet Boys, singing their songs and imagining my life traveling the roads of the United States on the tour bus as the group's girlfriend. And now, I like songs I can dance to and walk really fast to. Also songs that I can sing loudly in cars. I don't care about interesting voices and song chords, I'm all for the generic voice and beat that is in every song, as long as I can dance inappropriately to it. I'm not embarrassed!

Right now "Wait A Minute" by the Pussycat Dolls is on... ok, I'm a little ashamed. This song will not go on my "Improv Asylum Appropriate" mix, which is a mix I put on my ipod last year for me to play at work so I wouldn't get made fun of. I'm pretty sure I still did. "She's got Prince on there, and not even good Prince!" Thanks Mike. "Really, Patty? Billy Joel?" Thanks Jeremy.

(and Happy Birthday!)


becky said...

what's the matter with yo life?
why you gotta mess wit mine?
don't keep sweatin what i do
cos i'm gonna be just fine
check it out!

Nick said...

I like Billy Joel.


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