Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time To Remember

I don't remember what I did this past weekend.

Oh. Right. Yes, I do. Anyway...

The best part about my new job is "summer hours" which means that during the summer months (although it's starting now) we get out at 1:00 on Fridays. So, that means I only have to work from 8:30-1pm, but I get paid until 5:30. I like getting paid to do things like walk around the city aimlessly, or lie in my bed and take a nap!

This week is the best though because I didn't work yesterday (Memorial Day) but I got paid to sleep in late, go for a nice walk, drink Starbucks, buy new make-up, have lunch with Janine, and watch "Knocked Up" for the first time. So, that was exciting.

The only not exciting part is waking up at 7am. And I forgot my phone at home and realized it when I got to the T station. And then the train stopped for a while between Malden and Wellington station, which prevented me from being able to go to Starbucks. BUT, I do enjoy getting to work at 8:30, because it's nice being there when nobody's there. Also, I get out a 1/2 hour earlier, which is better. Especially when I'll have to run over to Improv Asylum.

The sad part about this whole "summer hours" thing.. is that I've already felt sad for the winter months, when I'll have to work until 5:30 on Friday. I'm already dreading it, and the summer hours haven't even started yet! They start Friday! But I'm that type of person, the type of person who's in Disney World and can't wait to go back another time, even when I've got 5 days left there.

Remember when there was a thunder and lightening storm in the middle of the day today, then it was beautiful (albeit humid) again?? I do.

I can't wait until Nick gets back from Italy! Ciao!

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