Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Can Happen In A Week

Well, I interviewed for a full-time job on Monday. I thought I did pretty well, I was pretty honest and thought I went off on a tangent too much, or was too honest (meaning slightly bitter about previous job experiences) but, they liked me, so they hired me two days later and I started today.

I was freaking out at one point because I didn't think I'd find a job. I spent basically all week fucking around. I stayed up late, I got a pedicure, I went to a matinee and saw an embarrassingly hilarious movie (What Happens In Vegas... shut up), I ate popcorn, I did karaoke by myself at a bar (though my friend was there... I'm not that pathetic), I took naps... and then all of a sudden I'm thrown into the work force and have to go to bed and get up early. I'm not sure how to handle it.

But, the first day on the job got me thinking about my life, and the past four years, and things. Y'know, the way a giant shift will force you to do. I'm going to miss being a student a lot. When I look at Suffolk though, and think of the time I spent there as a student, I'm really going to miss that brief point before rehearsal when we all stood outside and the kids smoked their cigarettes and we talked about whatever events happened the previous night that made Nick Wilson late, Nick Mandella sneer, Julia show up a hot mess, Trevor go missing, Kelly run down the street with a coffee in hand. Sigh.

And then I thought about Improv, and what I miss about working there during the day and how my life was last summer compared to this summer, and well, I do miss a lot. I miss the satisfaction of doing my job (and doing it well) and the comfort. But, that came with time, and all of that will come with the new job too if I just give it a chance.

I haven't been "the new girl" in quite some time. . . like, 3 years, so it's a little strange walking in and not having everyone know me, and not know what I'm doing and know everything about the job inside and out. But, time, it takes time. Soon enough I will have tons of friends, know the job like the back of my hand, and be very very bitter. I can't wait!

Oh, and I got through the day today comparing everyone with IA people, cause there were some where I was like, "Oh, there's the Jeremy of the group.. there's the Dana D, there's the Chet and Norm, there's the Chris Loughran..." But the only difference is they're all proactive and chipper, so everyone at IA is their lazy, angry counterparts.

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