Monday, May 12, 2008

What's that? What Are You Saying?

Tonight I was boarded, well I don't know how to put that, but I told Alison via the telephone that after Jeremy walked her home, I would go and pick him up and take him home because I couldn't imagine him walking in general, nevermind late at night where some random man could angrily reach into his blazer and steal his iPhone. And then he said, "Board it" and so I had to actually do it.

I drove in to Boston to pick up Jeremy at Alison's (who lives in Beacon Hill) and I ran into the two of them walking, and they had plans to go to the Liberty Hotel bar for drinks and apps (Alison has been "sobah" for three years, so it's all apps for her.) I was super excited because the hotel (and the bar - Clink) used to be the Charles Street Jail and it was later turned into a hotel/bar, and it still has the jail cells and things like that, and I had been wanting to go there for a while. Luckily I didn't go out in my pajamas, like I was planning, cause it was mildly fancy.

So we went to Alison's place and she put on real clothes that she apparently stuffed herself into, but she looked fabulous with her Coach shoes. Then we went to the bar, where I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere, which was awesome, and the cocktail menu. So Jeremy ordered me my drink, and I don't know the name but it was grapefruity and good, he got a Bombey Sapphire Cosmo, Alison got a tea.

First of all, we got a cheese plate and prosciutto and it was absolutely delicious. It was like our mouths went on adventure. There were six cheese paired with flavorful combos like candied walnuts, fig jam, and other interesting concoctions I don't remember. We tried each cheese and combo separately and, mmm. Mmm. MmmmmMmmmm.

Spending time with Jeremy and Alison is an adventure in itself. Alison is one of the most amazing people, she's just so honest and you never wonder what she's thinking of you. Generally, she likes you. She typically likes everyone, and she's a little rough around the edges with a wonderful Midwestern accent. Jeremy, well he's Jeremy, and I can't really explain how great Jeremy is. He, on the other hand, doesn't typically like everyone. Like me, people need to gain his affection. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. We typically don't like people. I'm honored to be one of the people he likes, I can scratch it off my "Things To Do In Life" list.

We were talking about adderall and why people snort it, and Alison's response was "You might as well just do coke. I mean, if you od'd on adderall and an autopsy was performed on your body, people would just think you're poor."

She was also talking about her "new 18 year old crush who's like 17 or something" and how he stared at her "with passion in his eyes" and she thought inside her mind, "That's right, Phil. I shave my legs."

When we were walking away, Alison said, "Blog about me." But I thought she said "Don't talk about me." When i told Jeremy what I thought she said he goes, "No, exactly the opposite." So here Alison, I'm talking about you.

Look! Jail cells!

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