Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why You All Up In My G-chat?

Here's what happens when my sister and I choose not to communicate with words but rather through gchat. Except, sometimes I'm not always logged into it, but she writes anyway. . . I thought it was funny. Sort of like a play-by-play of my horrible lifestyle when I have nothing to do and no car to get anywhere.

betsy: You are walking up the stairs
I hear you
You just opened the door
You just told me that you don't feel like walking there
Eventhough its just down the street
You dont
I mean you would go
Now you are in the kitchen
I don't know what you are doing
2:16 PM but I suspect doritos are involved
2:17 PM You are back!!
I missed you so much when you were in the kitchen
But I could never tell you
You have pizza in your hand
I don't think you heated it up
That is gross
You are letting Griffin out but he doesn't want to go
2:18 PM Everytime you leave my heart breaks more
2:19 PM You are asking for the remote
I am sick of you now
I wish you would return to the kitchen
That was when we were at our best
2:20 PM You have the tv on really loud
You changed the channel
2:23 PM You have another piece of cold pizza in your hands
What the hell is wrong with you??
2:24 PM I was interrupted
by some rude bitch

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