Thursday, May 15, 2008

Will Perform for Money

So, I took time off from the House Teams last January because I had a lot going on. I was in Seriously Bent, I had a lot of school work, and working, and it wasn't the same anymore, so I needed to take a break. But I've been doing it again this run, and I swear it has been my favorite run ever - and I thought the others (particularly A-Wipes and Falcor) were hard to beat.

Don't get me wrong, I loved working with Carp and Matt (hence why I started an alternate troupe with them) but working with the group I've got now, and being Jeremy's science fair project, it's all working out so well. Like every performance has been killer, in my mind, and every strange concept we come up with just works. And I've noticed my increasing confidence, or at least the differences in the way I performed last year, even last month, compared to now. It's great, I love it.

But in other news, I'm starting to get scared about not having a job. I've applied to so many places and haven't heard back from anybody and that's scary. How will I afford an apartment? Am I going to have to stay at Improv Asylum forever? Maybe I should just get a group to perform improv on the streets of Faneuil Hall with me for moneys. Or move to Chicago.

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becky said...

never fear, i can be your usher at the fanueil hall gigs, as long as there isn't a polo shirt requirement.


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