Monday, June 9, 2008

10 Years

This past Saturday was Improv Asylum’s 10th anniversary party. It was a great time. The anniversary party is something I look forward to every year; it’s one of my favorite parts about the company. It’s always great because we all get together with our separate departments and come up with something to perform for everyone. This year I wrote a parody (with the help of Kelly and Bryan) of “Living on the T” which is a parody of “Living on a Prayer”. I think we were pretty good to everyone – there was a shot at the broken AC, and some maintenance issues more than people. Except maybe Mike, I made a crack at Mike. But I also made fun of myself, Jules and Trevor so … harmless.

Evan, of course, showed everyone up. And I wanted him to make fun of me, but he said “I can’t bring myself to make fun of you.” But it’s okay, cause Brian O’Hara covered up Evan’s slack making fun of me. (But seriously, I don’t hate you Brian. Seriously.) But Kiley made a funny video, and Jeremy wrote a funny parody, and Mike does a great Norm impression. All in all, it was a really great night. Oh, besides the fact that it was about 115 degrees in there.

Speaking of heat, we’re in the middle of a heat wave right now. It’s about 90 degrees outside, and guess what? At my day job. . . the AC’s broken. One of my job requirements must be that the AC has to be faulty and broken wherever I work, because I’ve managed to find the two oldest buildings in Boston with the oldest air conditioning systems. It’s so hot in here; I’m literally melting into a puddle of Patty.

Back to Improv and its 10th anniversary. It’s been 10 years! I’ve been there for 3 years! That’s insane! I’ve been going there for 6 years. I’ve spent every birthday there since I turned 16. That’s sick! The first time I went was actually June 7, 2002 so… funny. And Norm interviewed my friend Savage. And it was the day they filmed The Makeover Story… so I emailed Chet like 12 times asking when it would play and he never got back to me. It’s funny that these people are so prominent in my life now, and before I idolized everyone. Now I could give a shit about them! No, that’s not true, not at all. It’s still really important to me, and I think they’re great.

I got home at 7am yesterday, couldn’t sleep because it was so hot and I had a lot on my mind. So, sleeping for like 9 hours last night (with an extra 40 mins oversleeping!) was reaaaally great. If only it wasn’t 90 degrees in my office right now. Oh, and I secretly love America's Best Dance Crew.

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