Friday, June 6, 2008

I Wanna Make Love In This Tub.. In this tub

I like the word "blog".

Last night I had a Seriously Bent show - and I hadn't performed with them in a MONTH. I hadn't even seen most of them in a month! Well, that's not true, whoever was there last night I had been seeing pretty regularly - besides Nick who has been in Italy. But regardless, it was pretty damn great.

It was Kelly, Trevor, Nick, Nick and I and we decided about 10 minutes before the show to do something we've never done anymore. Usually we get a suggestion at the top of the show and then do a series of scenes, but this time we sat down and talked to each other - as if we were having lunch at the Donahue cafe - and made fun of each other, talked about new events in our lives, etc. and then we would randomly get up and do a series of scenes sprouting from whatever we just talked about. Then we'd sit back down and talk, and then do it all again.

For some reason, it worked. Our "group mind" was together, and we all caught on to everything everyone was doing, and it was executed pretty flawlessly. And, on top of that, we did some pretty great scene work - which is always a plus. It was one of my favorite shows we've done together. And I found myself making really strange offers - probably the dirtiest or grotesque out of everybody, like when we were doing a scene about show and tell, and I dubbed Kelly as the "angsty" girl who was going to show us a dead rabbit or her slit wrists for show and tell. Oh, and when I had an affair with my professor, videotaped it and blogged about it. Oh, and when my kids caught my husband (Nick Mandella) and I going down on each other, and then we locked our kids in the house so they would experiment with us and learn about the birds and the bees. Hm... strange. But very good. I missed them SO fucking much.

I know I'm the girl who won't graduate and leave the group - since I'm technically not a student at Suffolk anymore, and therefore am not a member of Seriously Bent - but I don't care. I love them all too much to let them go. I can't imagine them doing scenes without me there playing with them - in fact, I won't allow it. I just decided I'm giving back my diploma and going back to Suffolk full-time... FOREVER!!!!!!!!! Or... at least until Kelly and Trevor graduate and I don't know anyone anymore.

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